Bridget S. Morello, P.E.

Bridget S. Morello, P.E. - President, has significant experience supporting client’s efforts to assess and remediate sites regulated under CERCLA, RCRA and state/local laws. Ms. Morello is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states, and a Certified Professional in Michigan. She has worked on more than 175 complex environmental projects subject to intense public and regulatory scrutiny and numerous less complex projects for a variety of private/industrial clients. Ms. Morello has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and over 25 years of experience with project management and cost control services, as well as regulatory negotiations, process data analysis, and permitting/reporting including, but not limited to: CAPs, CARs, RAPs, Feasibility Studies, RD/RA Work Plans, Alternative Evaluations and Cost Analyses, Remedial Design Reports, QAPPs, H&S Plans, NPDES Permits, Air Permits, O&M Manuals, Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreements, Removal Site Evaluation Memoranda, Removal Action Plans, Construction Completion Reports, Long Term Monitoring Plans, and Performance Monitoring Reports. In addition, she routinely prepares and obtains regulatory approval for various reports, remedial action strategies, remedy enhancements, closure plans, and associated activities which enables cost effective solutions for her clients.

Gregory J. Rorech, P.E., CGC, LEED AP (deceased founder and mentor to Progressive staff)

Gregory J. Rorech, P.E., CGC, LEED AP - Vice President, designed and constructed more than 400 groundwater/soil remediation systems and industrial processes using a variety of technologies. He held professional engineering licenses in more than 17 states. In addition to his engineering expertise, Mr. Rorech was a licensed General Contractor in Florida (#CGC1505494) and certified industrial and commercial wastewater treatment plant operator in Michigan. Mr. Rorech also had distinguished himself as a building professional with the knowledge and skills to successfully steward the LEED certification process for clients nationwide. He was a contributing author on five books and had written extensively on groundwater and soil remediation technologies. He also was an instructor for the renowned Princeton Remediation Course. Mr. Rorech had a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and had over 27 years of experience in the evaluation, design, development and implementation of both conventional and innovative remediation technologies to address chlorinated solvents, DNAPLs, pentachlorophenol, dioxin, PCBs, heavy metals, LNAPLs, and numerous petroleum products. Mr. Rorech had extensive experience with federal state and local environmental officials, regulations, and negotiations. He also provided expert witness services for complex sites/remedial issues.

G. Nell Tyner, Ph.D., P.G.

G. Nell Tyner, Ph.D., P.G. – Senior Scientist, has over 25 years of experience working in the environmental field as a Professional Geologist both for private industry and governmental entities. Before joining Progressive in early 2013, Dr. Tyner served as Program Manager of the Waste Cleanup (WCU) Section of the FDEP’s Southwest District Office overseeing responsible party and Brownfield cleanup sites. She has significant experience with sites regulated under CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, and state/local laws and regulations. She has worked on numerous complex projects for a variety of private/industrial clients, and as a state regulator in Texas and Florida. Dr. Tyner’s expertise includes project/program management, site assessment, geology, hydrogeologic evaluations, regulatory negotiations, data quality evaluations, and geochemistry. She has experience in preparing and reviewing reports such as CAPs, CAR/SARs, RI/FS work plans and reports, RFI reports, QAPPs, NPDES permit applications, and Groundwater Monitoring Reports. She has worked for clients from a broad range of industries including, but not limited to, aerospace and electronics manufacturers, recyclers, chemical manufacturers, wood treatment operations, transportation, food processing, utility companies, oilfield service companies, and oil and gas exploration and pipeline companies.

Bernard A. Lauctes, P.E.

Bernard A. Lauctes, P.E. - Senior Engineer, has a B.S. in Geological Engineering and is a Professional Engineer in several states with over 26 years of experience. His main technical areas of expertise include contaminated site investigations, remediation engineering, pilot testing, system operation and maintenance, environmental compliance, and construction management. Mr. Lauctes has significant experience supporting client’s efforts to assess and remediate sites regulated under CERCLA, RCRA, Brownfield, and state/local laws. He has served as contract and program manager for large environmental projects for private and government clients. Mr. Lauctes routinely serves as a construction manager or on-site inspector for civil and environmental remediation projects. He has conducted pilot test studies and designed full-scale soil and groundwater remediation systems for sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents, metals, petroleum and other chemicals. He also does SPCC site inspections/plan preparation/training, Phase I ESAs, and environmental compliance assessments.

Michele Egg, MBA, CBC

Michele Egg, MBA, CBC - Senior Engineer, has a B.S. in Civil Engineering, an MBA, and is a State of Florida Certified Building Contractor. Her expertise includes design build implementation and construction management. Prior to joining Progressive, she owned and operated a large commercial mechanical contracting business for 18 years providing design build solutions with turnkey operations. Environmental expertise includes remedial alternative specification and design, O&M/performance evaluations, removal of impacted soils, removal/closure of underground storage tanks, institutional controls plans and verification, and project management.

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed - Project Engineer, has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and more than 16 years of experience involving design, fabrication, installation, operation and maintenance (O&M) of control panels with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for supervisory control, data acquisition (SCADA), and radio telemetry for various treatment systems. His experience includes environmental site assessment, remedy design, construction management, O&M of remediation systems, excavation of impacted soils, performance of pilot studies for various remedial technologies, field sampling, data evaluation and compilation, and reporting. Mr. Reed has additional expertise in the design, fabrication, installation and O&M of ceramic element filtration systems, direct contact water heaters, and tube and shell heat exchangers. He has worked on several projects for clients regulated by CERCLA, Clean Water Act, and associated State and local legislation. Mr. Reed is primarily responsible for providing site assessment, remediation system design, equipment trouble shooting and system fabrication and maintenance for a variety of environmental problems and clients.