Progressive takes pride in designing remedial systems that are easy to operate, control and monitor. Our unique design/build services enhance and streamline remedial system operation and maintenance (O&M). Our experienced engineers and technicians design and fabricate equipment skids, UL-certified control panels, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, real-time gas monitoring systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and remote telemetry systems. The ability to remotely monitor remedial systems allows Progressive to provide cost-effective O&M services at locations throughout the nation. Notifications of alarm conditions can be readily addressed, components can be started or stopped as needed, and real-time monitoring data can be downloaded for easy review and use. Remote operation coupled with periodic site visits for preventive maintenance and support from local contractors (as needed) ensures effective O&M of our clients’ remedial systems.


We routinely design and fabricate control panels for remedial systems; some are simple, others quite elaborate. In 2011, Progressive became an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) certified manufacturer of Industrial Control Panels compliant with UL 508A. Our engineers develop the PLC and SCADA programs for these control panels to operate, monitor and control various remedial equipment including, but not limited to: blowers, compressors, pumps, timers, valves, and gas monitoring systems. In addition, Progressive fabricates equipment skids for air sparging, soil vapor extraction, free product recovery, chemical injection, and other remedial systems. The skids are fabricated in our Tampa, FL office, or at the project site, depending on complexity and logistics.


Progressive provides O&M services for systems we have designed, and for systems designed by others. Our engineers and technicians have significant hands-on experience with mechanical and electrical equipment, and perform preventive maintenance, equipment repairs/replacement, and general troubleshooting. Specific O&M services include, but are not limited to: well maintenance and redevelopment; pump cleaning/repairs; air stripper packing replacements; balancing of sparge, extraction or product wells; motor repairs; chemical cleaning; pressure washing; wiring/instrumentation repairs; and piping/leak repairs. Our ability to troubleshoot remedial equipment and identify inefficiencies ensures that we can make timely adjustments to improve performance. Use of our trained and experienced technicians minimizes the need for, and cost of, outside services typically required by other firms with less experienced staff. Our design/build and O&M services enable Progressive to meet our clients’ project objectives in a cost-effective manner. Strong design, monitoring, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting skills ensure our client’s remedial systems operate for the intended life of the equipment/project with no major costly repairs or replacement.